Logitech G Keyboard LEDs in Ubuntu

Logitech provide the Logitech G software for managing LEDs and other settings on keyboards and mice. Unfortunately this isn’t available for Linux.

There is a command line tool called g810-led that can fill this gap (https://github.com/MatMoul/g810-led). To install this on Ubuntu run:

sudo apt install g810-led

After installation you will probably need to reboot for the software to recognise the keyboard.

To list the keyboards that the software can see run

gpro-led --print-device

The software supports a number of G series devices, such as the G213, G410, G413, G512, G513, G610, G610, G810, G815 & G910.

To adjust the lighting on the G413 run

g413-led -a 444444

Sometimes the keyboard hardware will override the dimming, so if the commend completes successfully but the keyboard doesn’t respond try the <FN>-<F7> combination to see if the hardware override is in place.