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Create an App icon for a website in Linux

Linux Mint provides a little tool called Web Apps. This tool allows a web site to be sandboxed into a separate window, making a website look like an app. This can be handy for a site like Google Messages for using phone SMSes on the PC, allowing this to be shown in its own distinct window rather than just…

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Debian/Ubuntu/Mint – Mount a Windows network share

To mount a Windows share using the command line in a Debian based distribution, first ensure that cifs-utils is installed. If it isn’t, run sudo apt install cifs-utils To mount a share, run sudo mount -t cifs -o username=userName,domain=DOMAIN //serverName/shareName /mnt/path replacing userName, DOMAIN, serverName and shareName and the mount path as appropriate. If the Windows workstation/server is not…

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Logitech G Keyboard LEDs in Ubuntu

Logitech provide the Logitech G software for managing LEDs and other settings on keyboards and mice. Unfortunately this isn’t available for Linux. There is a command line tool called g810-led that can fill this gap (https://github.com/MatMoul/g810-led). To install this on Ubuntu run: sudo apt install g810-led After installation you will probably need to reboot for the software to recognise…

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