Loss of trust between workstation and Active Directory domain

PC will display a loss of trust between it and the domain.  This will prevent the user from logging into the PC.  This has so far only occurred to laptop users.

Solution :

The PC needs to re-establish a trust level.  This requires that the PC be removed from the domain and then re-added.

  • The PC needs to be setup not connected to the LAN.
  • Login as a user that has previously logged in to the PC.  This user needs to have local admin permissions.  Use this user to enable the local admin and reset the local admin password if required.
  • Login as the local admin on the PC and move it from a domain to a workgroup.  This will require that the PC be restarted.
  • Login as the local admin and change the PC to be part of the domain.  Only connect the PC tot the LAN just prior to pressing ‘enter’ to start the change.  The system will require a domain admin login ands password to move the PC into the domain.  A system reboot will be required for this to complete.

Verify that the user can now login using the network ID, and that there are no warning messages about the trust levels.