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Install and Manage Node.js with NVM

Node.js is a popular tool for Javascript applications and frameworks, for both frontend and backend application development. Front-end frameworks such as Svelte, testing frameworks such as Cypress and backend tools like Express will require Node.js. The challenge is that often the tools installed will need a different version of Node.js. The recommended method for managing these different versions is…

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Fundamental coding principles

Experience in coding is not necessarily about the intricacies of a language but is as much about concepts. Below is a list of concepts that should be applied regardless of the language. DRY coding Don’t Repeat Yourself is a fundamental principal. If there is a temptation to copy and paste a block of code think about how this block…

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Create a PHP/Ubuntu dev environment in Windows 10

Initial WSL, Ubuntu, Apache, PHP and MySQL installation Windows Subsystem for Linux allows a development environment to be set up locally without the need for virtual machine hosts. First, install the WSL feature. Click Start, type ‘Windows features’ and click the Turn Windows Features On or Off item. Tick the Windows Subsystem for Linux option and click OK. The feature will be install, then…

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