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ZSH – making shells fun

ZSH is a great looking shell that integrates with Git, Docker and other tools using plugins. Installing ZSH in Ubuntu or Linux Mint Install ZSH by running the following in your terminal sudo apt updatesudo apt install zsh Check ZSH by running zsh –version and checking that a version is shown. Installing ZSH on Mac Install Homebrew, then install…

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Create an App icon for a website in Linux

Linux Mint provides a little tool called Web Apps. This tool allows a web site to be sandboxed into a separate window, making a website look like an app. This can be handy for a site like Google Messages for using phone SMSes on the PC, allowing this to be shown in its own distinct window rather than just…

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Debian/Ubuntu/Mint – Mount a Windows network share

To mount a Windows share using the command line in a Debian based distribution, first ensure that cifs-utils is installed. If it isn’t, run sudo apt install cifs-utils To mount a share, run sudo mount -t cifs -o username=userName,domain=DOMAIN //serverName/shareName /mnt/path replacing userName, DOMAIN, serverName and shareName and the mount path as appropriate. If the Windows workstation/server is not…

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