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» On-site Services

CT Group provides on-site services to our current client base.

» Auditing Services

Today IT powers current business operations, requiring more stringent processes around IT implementations, employee management and system maintenance. In partnership with Dymond, Foulds & Vaughan, CT Group provides IT auditing services as part of their wider auditing services.

» Graphic Design

A core element of any business presence is a solid corporate identity, implemented online or in print media. CT Group provides graphic design services from conception to pre-press for small to medium businesses and real estate agencies. Design services include web sites, business cards, stationery, advertising, in-house or off-site temping staff and other services.

» Audio Production

With a range a specialised audio equipment, CT Group can provide specialised audio production services.

» Computer Maintenance

CT Group provides off-site computer services for general system repairs. If you have a problem with your computer system please contact us to discuss a solution. We can also provide computer upgrades if your old computer is slow but it's not yet time to buy a new one.

Our standard rate for this service is $72 per hour.

» Warranties

If there are any problems within your warranty period please contact us first as we may be able to solve the problem with a phone call. If not, we are more than happy for you bring the equipment back to us and we can solve the issue for you.

» Website Hosting and Domain Registration

We continue to provide good value website hosting to our clients. Hosting accounts are $132 per year, including a .com domain name.