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** Steps to recreating a Windows NT servers’ functions under Unbuntu .06 LTS Server. **

Written specifically to aid Administrators familiar with NT variants (Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003), terminology and setup. Assumptions I assume that you know enough about PCs to construct properly termed Google searches as long as you know the programs and files you’re dealing with. I aim to provide a run down of what you need, leaving…

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Useful Command line tools

Once the domain of those who enjoyed the command line interface and the config file, general linux distributions have moved on, embracing the Graphical User Interface, trying to relate to the masses. Command line tools still exist, however, and will continue to be used as a powerful feature in Linux, just as they are in Windows. Here are some…

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Adding Fonts in Ubuntu 9.04

Click on Places and Home Folder Click on File and Create Folder Name the new folder .fonts (including the fullstop). This then becomes a hidden folder. Press Copy the fonts you want to install into this folder. Installation complete!

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