Wake On Lan


Don’t want to leave your computer on but would like to be able to access it remotely without having to be physically present to turn it on? Try these Wake On Lan settings.


First, enable wake on lan in the BIOS (under Power setting normally). Also, in Windows Device Manager select properties for you network adapter and go to Power Management and select Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby.

On your router, under Port Forwarding, forward UDP traffice on an unused port, say 5950, to your network broadcast address (eg,, research this if it doesn’t make sense to you) on port 7.

Grab your public IP address (http://whatismyip.com) and your PCs MAC address (ipconfig /all on a command line).

Turn off the PC and head to a web site such as Remote Wakeup (www.remotewakeup.com). Enter you MAC address and your IP address and see how you go.

If this fails, try a software tool from www.depicus.com on your local network.

Network advice can be gained from the how to’s on www.smallnetbuilder.com.